February gigs

Hey folks!

Mark your calendars for either (or both) of the next two upcoming performances.

This Saturday, February 12th:

At the Actual Cafe in Oakland:

6334 San Pablo Avenue • Oakland, CA 94608

no cover- all ages

I’ll be sharing the stage with Steffy Sue Steffy Sue http://www.myspace.com/steffysueontheuke

Then on February 26th:  Take a trip down to Half Moon Bay and see me and Ryan perform at the Wine Bar:

270 Capistrano Rd
Ste 22
Half Moon Bay, CA 94019
$5 cover
21 & up
Hope to see you very soon!

Actual Cafe, KMVT 15 and Resolutions

Hey folks!

Hope your New Years Eve was spent unwisely and all in one place. Or all over the place.

I spent mine at a Primus concert, followed by the Dresden Dolls then joining Ryan onstage to play our own way into the new year.  Not a bad way to get started, methinks?

As a tribute to my muses of music, I’m going to resolve to do more of what I’ve been doing already.  Much Much More.

Hopefully I’ll write a couple of new tunes in the process.

SO! To rev up in 2011;

January 9th, at the Actual Cafe:

The Songwriters Collective:

I’ll be sharing the stage with two of my favortie Bay Area Songwriters, Wendy Beckerman and Cara Wick


6334 San Pablo Ave

Oakland CA, 94608

We’ll be going from 4-6pm so bring some cash for eats and drinks (and CDs!)

On January 14th, I’ll be heading on down to Mountain View to the KMVT 15 studio for a taping of King’s Connection: An interesting look at music and local personalities.

For information about Mountain View Community television, click below!


We go on at 9:30pm.  Tune in if you’re in the area!

Beyond these giggeties, I’ll be looking into performing at some of the amazing house concerts in the area and beyond.   Hopefully someone will open their home to me.  Ryan and I will also be looking into doing a small tour sometime soon. 

keep your eyes peeled for more gigs!


This Sunday in Half Moon Bay

The Wine Bar

in Pillar Point Harbor presents

New Music Event, every 3rd Sunday of the month


Acoustic Round Robin series

Featuring 3 great musicians from around the Bay Area sharing the spotlight

This coming Sunday, December 19th features:

All women’s Singer/Songwriter Showcase


Emily Zisman– Oakland,  CA

Essence– San Francisco, CA

Nomi Harper– Pacifica, CA

The Wine Bar

Harbor Village Mall- 270 Capistrano Rd., #22

Half Moon Bay, CA 94019

5$ cover

At the Half Moon Bay Wine Bar

I’m really excited about this gig.
I’ll be sharing the stage in a round robin with two other local Singer/songwriters:
Nomi Harper: http://www.myspace.com/nomiharper
from Pacifica CA and one other yet to be determined.

I’ve been to the venue and it has really great sound. I’ve also hear dthis songwriter’s event is a balst.

The event will take place Sunday, December 19th from 7:00pm-9:00pm at the Half Moon Bay Wine Bar

There is a $5 cover for the evening.
Come on down to the ocean and have a galss of wine with me.

I’ll play really purrty like for ya.

Half Moon Bay and the AKB

When I love a band, I LOVE a band. It’s not often that I will follow a band around. I have to watch my funds and Ani DiFranco doesn’t tour the West Coast enough.
Anyhow, There is a band that frequents the South Bay called Atkinson Kincheloe Band.

I love them.

I have a few reasons for why this band makes me so emotional.
I think number one is that they are accessible. It sounds trite, but I believe that, if an artist is accessible to their audience, if they seem just as human as their fans, they can be SO magnetic.
Number two, (or MAYBE number one, I’ll let you decide these spots) is how stupidly talented these MotherF*ckers are.
It’s like they blew through Nashville and said “K, what now? Let’s retire to Half Moon Bay and play for the f*ck of it!”
Number three is that they are ALL about their friends, family and surrounding community. If you’ve showed up twice, they know your face. Three times, they know your name and greet you this a warm handshake.

I guess what I mean by posting this is that these are the kinds of musicians I want to be when I grow up.
Not that being almost 30 isn’t grown. But I still have lots of large shoes to fill.

I spent my Saturday evening at the Half Moon Bay Wine Bar (a really great spot if you are looking for wine and fine music) listening to these guys and I SITLL can’t figure out why more people don’t know about them.

I still can’t figure out why more people don’t come to Half Moon Bay on a Saturday night!!! the place has magic. Sea magic, people magic, music magic.

Maybe it’s my own private slice.

Who knows.
If you’re ever in need of music and oceanside therapy, hit me up and we’ll take a drive to Half Moon Bay.

I’m sure we’ll find these guys playing somewhere.

New music love.

Last night I went to see Ingrid Michaelson at the Fillmore. While she sang brilliantly (when she DID sing) it was a good show. However, the best art of the show was the opening act.

these guys.

I’m a sucker for simplicity.
Holy crap. SO awesome. Just two guys alternating between their instruments: a guitar, a Ukelele, a keyboard and some sort of bass kick drum thingy that one of them stamped on while playing the guitar.

Beautifully executed harmonies and no fear of singing in percussive gibberish, even a sing-allong (another weakness of mine)!

I must start looking into a loop station or one of those bass drum kick thingies for myself. How much fun would that be? stay tuned and enjoy Guggenheim Grotto!


Hotel Utah and the World Series

Last night, Ryan and I performed with some good friends at the Hotel Utah in San Francisco. Due to the second game of the world series (betwen Texas and our beautiful home town of San Francisco) our start time had been pushed back an hour. This was completely fine with us. What a freaking awesome game.

picture from the balcony courtesy of Andrew Balmat
We were skeptical at first about weather playing on game night was a blessing or a curse. We thought everyone would file out after the game or continue sloppily cheering over our efforts. To our surprise, many folks decided to hang around. And, while there was some great post game discussion during the set, we found ourselves being able to play on just fine. We had a fine combined group of close friends and family (and the occasional new spectator) and all were pumped.

One inebriated individual even bought both of my parents a drink. Thanks dude!

I believe Ryan and I reached another level of understanding and professionalism as I completely forgot how to finish one of my songs (getting perpetually stuck in the bridge) and poor Ryan had to follow me until I figured my way home. He was flawless and nobody noticed.


Anyhow, we got an encore call 🙂

After passing the stage off to our friends Bigelow’s Treehouse, they tore it up and had people dancing in whatever space they could find.

Zinc Finger also had them jumping up and up and up.

So, the Giants won and gave us some ridiculous Karma.

Thank you San Francisco.

Let’s do it again sometime.