Emily Zisman is a folk-Americana singer-songwriter born and raised in the San Francisco Bay area.  As a writer, she takes her cues from artists like Dar Williams, Joni Mitchell, and Ani DiFranco. She sings of our vulnerabilities and fears, love and fight, crafting her lyrics into song with her soulfully-folk voice evocative of Emmylou Harris.

When asked about her style of music,  she says,“I’ve always written about my experience on this planet from the perspective of a woman.   It’s unique but it’s also not.  I’ve found my writings reflect struggles that I would never think to speak about with my peers and they have given me a voice that I didn’t realize I had.  I’ve shared my personal story through my songs and, over time, have encountered women who have told me different shades of “That’s been my experience too.  I had no idea I wasn’t alone in this.” 

 My goal with my music is to empower women to share their stories so that we may continue to connect and unify in communities of compassion and discussion.  There is still so much shame associated with growing up female in our society that needs to be brought to the surface and examined if we are to heal and move forward towards true gender equality.   I so much want my songs to find the communities that need them the most.   We’ve come a long way but there is still so much work to be done.  I sincerely believe my songs have a job to do and I want to put them to work in the most valuable way that I can. “

When asked what she loves about performing, Emily replies, “I love the energy shared between an audience and a performer. When it’s there, the interplay between the listeners and performers can create an experience unique to a given space and time. It’s hard not to get carried away in the moment.”

Emily is currently performing throughout California in support of her latest self-released album “Weeds & Wildflowers”. In addition to her solo work, Emily is part of electronic duo Chance’s End, a violin-electronica project she performs in with her longtime collaborator, violinist Ryan Avery.  Emily is also an in-demand vocalist performing regularly around the San Francisco Bay Area with groups such as gypsy jazz collective The Americano Social Club and swing-era jazz group Rich & The Rhythm Roustabouts.


Quotes and Album Reviews:

“This album brings together Zisman’s lovely, playful vocals with down-to-earth songwriting and relatable lyrics. Weeds & Wildflowers is a well-structured and excellent record. Enjoy it. It is worth owning.

– Aaron Mannari (Lemonade Magazine)


“A voice planted firmly in the earth, mature and vibrant. If Mother Nature was singing a song, she would probably sound like Emily Z!”

Tia Carroll



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