Emily Zisman is a Folk-Americana singer-songwriter born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, trained in New York City, and well-weathered and inspired by her travels and a restless heart. Since picking up the guitar at the tender age of eight, Emily’s musical journey has taken her all over the world. She has graced stages up and down both sides of the United States and has performed internationally at festivals in Europe. As a writer, she takes her cues from artists like Dar Williams, Joni Mitchell, and Ani DiFranco. Emily Zisman sings about our vulnerabilities and fears, love and conflict, and crafts her lyrics into song with a soulfully folk voice evocative of Emmylou Harris.

In 2009, Emily Zisman released her debut album Naked Day Alone in which she unfolds little glimpses into the inner workings of her mind with unapologetic honesty. Bringing her soulful voice to folk-Americana music once again, Emily Zisman returned in 2014 with her second self-released album Weeds & Wildflowers. With her heart firmly rooted in the Bay Area, Emily is currently performing throughout California in support of this release. She is planning to release her third album in 2018 in conjunction with a tour of the Pacific Northwest in the next few months.

She is looking forward to working with her trusted and talented musical compatriots, Ryan Avery (of Chance’s End), Marty Atkinson, members of the Americano Social Club, Grand Avenue Soul, and Bigelow’s Treehouse, as well as some new and special guests.

Emily finds the most joy when she connects the stories of her writing to her music, and loves to bring audiences in on the secrets of her songs. Zisman has a following of committed regulars who bring a sense of camaraderie and familiarity to all her shows. She always takes the time to greet people she knows and make introductions between strangers over personal anecdotes. Crafting a sense of community and shared engagement is the sort of unique experience she strives to create at every performance.

When asked what she loves about playing live, Emily replies, “I love the shared energy between the audience and the performer. When it’s there, the interplay can create an experience unique to a given space and time. It’s hard not to get carried away in the moment.”

In addition to her solo work, Emily Zisman is part of the electronic duo Chance’s End, a violin-electronica project with her longtime collaborator, violinist Ryan Avery. Emily is also an in-demand vocalist, performing regularly around the San Francisco Bay Area with groups such as Jazz Collective, The Americano Social Club, and the funk/soul band Grand Avenue Soul.


Quotes and Album Reviews:

“This album brings together Zisman’s lovely, playful vocals with down-to-earth songwriting and relatable lyrics. Weeds & Wildflowers is a well-structured and excellent record. Enjoy it. It is worth owning.”

– Aaron Mannari (Lemonade Magazine)


“A voice planted firmly in the earth, mature and vibrant. If Mother Nature was singing a song, she would probably sound like Emily Z!”

Tia Carroll



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