Emily Zisman

Emily performs acoustically with a diverse lineup of guest artists

No shows listed at the moment.

Emily Zisman & Scott Bird

Emily and Scott cover a wide variety of country duets, some choice solo covers, and original tunes.   It’s a hoot!

No shows listed at the moment.

Americano Social Club

Eclectic acoustic music for “La Dolce Vita”

No shows listed at the moment.

Grand Avenue Soul

No shows listed at the moment.

4 thoughts on “Shows”

  1. You are an amazing artist, you NEED to come to denver co. People here would love your show, playing your music or as chances end. Hope you decide to come out here.

  2. Hi Sam. What an amazing compliment! Thank you so much for posting and listening. Ryan and I are currently brainstorming some touring ideas. I’ve always wanted to visit Colorado. I hear it’s beautiful and I’d love to come play for you there. Denver is now on the list! Thanks again!

  3. Yeah!! Lots of news in the horizon and congratulations on your travels.
    Much love and success ??????????

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