Check out my interview on KPOO Radio!

On September 8th my band and I spent a beautiful noontime in Jane Werner Plaza. We had SO much fun and the crowd was remarkable and generous. Our tip jar over…flew..eth?

Anyhoo! One particular passer-by happened to be Marilynn Fowler from KPOO FM. She slipped an invitation, written on a piece of notepaper, to join her on her show into our tip jar and so I did. I had a ball chatting with her about my smol bubble of the music world and she was such a gracious host.

ALSO! I was so excited to be inside of this amazing San Francisco Institution. I was pretty much geeking out the entire time.

EEEEEEE!!!!!!! 😀

Have a listen to the archived interview HERE. Click on the show from October 21st and enjoy! If you want to skip ahead, my interview starts at 21:36.

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