New Live Video! We Play for You.

Hey folks!

Ryan and I are pledging to give you music for your earholes and eyeholes once a week, every week until the forces of nature make me a liar.   But even that will only be temporary(maybe).  Hopefully, with practice, these videos will become more and more solid and start to include some of our talented and generous friends.  Maybe even YOU can help out!  If you want(pleeeease!).

Here be the first installment!  It’s one of my favorite songs to perform.  Please, enjoy and share to your hearts delight!

Our next live performance will be at Harbin Hot Springs on May 24th. Come up to enjoy the pools during the day.  In the evening, we will perform your faces off!

ALSO! The next Emily Zisman album, Weeds & Wildflowers is headed to the presses!  We are sooooo close.

Until then, enjoy the videos!

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