Chance’s End to perform all-electronica set!

Chance’s End is joining the lineup of the 7 Sirens Cove “Carnival In Never Neverland” fundraiser this Saturday July 9th in San Francisco. We’ll be premiering not one, but two new tracks featuring vocalist Emily Zisman!

The event is located at The Hive, a new outdoor venue whose entrance on Treat Ave, between 20th and 21st Street. Doors open at 4pm, and admission is only $5 until the party ends at 2am! Come early, because there are some great performers during the day, and Chance’s End will go on promptly at 8pm!

For more information, go to the event’s Facebook page.

2 thoughts on “Chance’s End to perform all-electronica set!”

  1. Great show! You and Ryan sounded great, as always! It was a lot of fun, even with the crazy shot faeries!

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