Half Moon Bay and the AKB

When I love a band, I LOVE a band. It’s not often that I will follow a band around. I have to watch my funds and Ani DiFranco doesn’t tour the West Coast enough.
Anyhow, There is a band that frequents the South Bay called Atkinson Kincheloe Band.

I love them.

I have a few reasons for why this band makes me so emotional.
I think number one is that they are accessible. It sounds trite, but I believe that, if an artist is accessible to their audience, if they seem just as human as their fans, they can be SO magnetic.
Number two, (or MAYBE number one, I’ll let you decide these spots) is how stupidly talented these MotherF*ckers are.
It’s like they blew through Nashville and said “K, what now? Let’s retire to Half Moon Bay and play for the f*ck of it!”
Number three is that they are ALL about their friends, family and surrounding community. If you’ve showed up twice, they know your face. Three times, they know your name and greet you this a warm handshake.

I guess what I mean by posting this is that these are the kinds of musicians I want to be when I grow up.
Not that being almost 30 isn’t grown. But I still have lots of large shoes to fill.

I spent my Saturday evening at the Half Moon Bay Wine Bar (a really great spot if you are looking for wine and fine music) listening to these guys and I SITLL can’t figure out why more people don’t know about them.

I still can’t figure out why more people don’t come to Half Moon Bay on a Saturday night!!! the place has magic. Sea magic, people magic, music magic.

Maybe it’s my own private slice.

Who knows.
If you’re ever in need of music and oceanside therapy, hit me up and we’ll take a drive to Half Moon Bay.

I’m sure we’ll find these guys playing somewhere.

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