Hotel Utah and the World Series

Last night, Ryan and I performed with some good friends at the Hotel Utah in San Francisco. Due to the second game of the world series (betwen Texas and our beautiful home town of San Francisco) our start time had been pushed back an hour. This was completely fine with us. What a freaking awesome game.

picture from the balcony courtesy of Andrew Balmat
We were skeptical at first about weather playing on game night was a blessing or a curse. We thought everyone would file out after the game or continue sloppily cheering over our efforts. To our surprise, many folks decided to hang around. And, while there was some great post game discussion during the set, we found ourselves being able to play on just fine. We had a fine combined group of close friends and family (and the occasional new spectator) and all were pumped.

One inebriated individual even bought both of my parents a drink. Thanks dude!

I believe Ryan and I reached another level of understanding and professionalism as I completely forgot how to finish one of my songs (getting perpetually stuck in the bridge) and poor Ryan had to follow me until I figured my way home. He was flawless and nobody noticed.


Anyhow, we got an encore call 🙂

After passing the stage off to our friends Bigelow’s Treehouse, they tore it up and had people dancing in whatever space they could find.

Zinc Finger also had them jumping up and up and up.

So, the Giants won and gave us some ridiculous Karma.

Thank you San Francisco.

Let’s do it again sometime.

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