The Tracks are in the Blender!

Hey Y’all!

Just thought I’d drop a wee post to keep you in the loop about the progress on The Haunted Album.

This is the part of the recording process that is the most challenging for me because I have so little understanding of what goes into making a killer mix. I know how to sit behind a microphone and sing and pluck some strings into a soundboard.  But, after that, it’s pretty much a smoke and mirrors show to me. 

I have been receiving some preliminary mixes for these songs and, honestly, I can’t stop listening to them. The folks at Plaiddog Recording certainly know what they are doing, and this is the part where all I need to do is breathe, be patient, and sit on my hands.

It’s not easy. I want to share these songs with you SO BADLY. But I also understand that making something with intention and finesse takes a lot of meticulous and patient steps. 

can tell you that the magic is real, I just can’t explain it. Kind of like witnessing a really good card trick or slight of hand.

That’s all for now!  Shouldn’t be much longer. 



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