My new single Nebraska is available to listen to HERE

Just a wee update on some new developments on the EmZis music front. In a couple of months, I’ll be flying to Boston to record a brand new EP! This is all possible because you all made it possible.

To all of you who donated to the campaign, (you know who you are) you are a part of what keeps my little heart all a-flutter.

If you had no idea there WAS a campaign, feel free to check it out here. Donations are closed BUT, you can follow me on Instagram for updates, info, general revelry, etc. and to know when you can grab a copy of the EP fer yerself.

I’m so grateful to Plaid Dog Recording for contacting me and for the opportunity to engage with my community in this way. Running a crowdfunding campaign is a LOT of work, which is why I never attempted to launch one, myself. (Also, I loathe asking for money, but that’s a sob story for my therapist). But they have a whole system dialed in and it was sooooo worth it.

I’ve been working with producer and engineer Carter Sanders who is doing some amazing things for so many musicians, yours truly included. Not only does he have an ear for what makes a good arrangement, but he is a talented musician in his own right and creates the right amount of tension to come to the most effective musical conclusions.

All this to say, the money is there, the studio is booked, and the team is TALENTED. I cannot WAIT to start this process.

Also, we are bringing along two donors who have contributed at the executive producer status (WAT!?) and will be joining us in the studio to add their two cents and to keep me humble and aiming for what y’all want to hear. So, if you like the whole project in the end, you also have these people to thank! I won’t name them here unless they tell me to 😉

Once more: THANK YOU for being my community, for keeping me afloat on this tiny boat, and I can’t wait to share these new songs with you.

<3 EmZis

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