Storyteller Showcase! Featuring Lambert Moss!

I’m very excited to host Lambert Moss at the Blush! Songwriter Showcase this week. While Lambert isn’t necessarily a songwriter, he is a phenomenal storyteller and the voice is not to be missed. So I’m making an exception for this event.

Born in New York City, Lambert Moss (all pronouns) cut his teeth amongst the drag queens, club kids, and musical theater scene in Manhattan and Brooklyn. His career has spanned from opera to intimate dive bars, performing with musical legends such as Deborah Harry, the Tammy Hall Trio, Angela Bofil, Daniel Fabricant, and Daria Johnson. Lambert was featured in multiple revival productions of Hair, helmed by original director Stanley Ramsey. In San Francisco, Lambert is a staple of queer community venues, where his jazz stylings and storytelling style enrapture audiences from Powerhouse to Piedmont Piano. You can often find him at Martunis being accompanied by Joe Wicht, Maddaline Edstrom, or Ben Prince, or as a repeated feature in the hit Monday night drag show Pillows at Powerhouse with Mr. David Glamamore. He has the privilege of being mentored by Anohni who recently in an interview named Lambert as her favorite undiscovered artist.

Tell your ma, bring your friends, and see you there!

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