Under The Influence: Elvis Costello


I’ve been invited to do something really cool. Being the lyrical and songwritery nerd that I am, I get to do a deep dive and spend time submerged in the works of one of the more prolific songwriters of our time: Elvis Costell0

He’s not just Diana Krall’s husband, oh no no no! He’s got a LOT of his own things to say about love, America, and politics himself. With his signature sardonic, sarcastic, dry, charming, and sometimes whimsical style, there’s….a LOT to unpack. Come see how his voice echoes in the stylings of the next generation of writers!

Tickets tend to go quickly for this so grab them fast!

Mark Governor’s “Under the Influence” series continues, honoring Elvis Costello. Mark joins co-host Alexis Harte, Emily Zisman, Claudia Russell, Bruce Kaplan and special guests performing Elvis’ songs alongside their own original material that he inspired.

Under The Influence of…takes place every 1st Thursday and features a different line-up of artists paying tribute to the great songwriters and musicians of our time.

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