My Interview with Casson on KXSF Radio

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of catching up with, chatting with, and playing some of my songs for my friend Casson at KXSF Radio.

Casson and I have known each other for a number of years when I used to play at Cresta’s 2211 club in San Francisco. She was holding down the bar for the whole place as Marty Atkinson and I would entertain the locals for a few hours about once a month. Casson always brought the tip jar around and made everyone feel right at home.

One of HER new creative homes is as a DJ at our own Community Radio Station, and she continues to make ME feel right at home, wherever I find her.

During the show, I was given the opportunity to talk about my upcoming EP Release: New Mythologies. She asks me some pretty deep questions about my philosophy behind songwriting, creative expression, and we even connect a bit over our love of acting.

Have a listen to the recording up top and make sure to get your tickets for the release show Next Friday 2/17 at the Firehouse Arts Center!

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